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Grassy Creek Baptist Church

      In the early 1800’s the mountains of western North Carolina were scarcely populated and had little or no organized Christian witness. God burdened the Caney River Baptist Church at Jack’s Creek to share the gospel with the Grassy Creek community in Burke County (present day Mitchell County) to form a mission church.
      While the  records detailing the exact dates for the formation of this mission have long since been lost; there are two fixed dates that stand out in our history.  The first date is April 27, 1822.  On that date a petition was sent to the Caney River Baptist Church requesting to become a Constitution to ourselves.  Then on 27 May 1822, the mission was formally constituted as Grassy Creek Baptist Church.
      Grassy Creek Baptist Church was established so that the people of this community then could know Jesus, and we exist today in order that all of “Mitchell County May Know Christ!”