A Word From Our pastor

Dear Grassy Creek Church Family,
                        These last several weeks have been difficult to navigate as we have been unable to meet inside our sanctuary.  As I mentioned on Wednesday night, May 13th, the opportunity to gather back inside the sanctuary has been anticipated and longed for and planned for.
            As we transition back into the sanctuary we have some plans and guidelines that we will place on our social media outlets, video announcements, also you will be able to come by the church office and pick up a copy of our guidelines.  We want you to know that we have thought of how we can safely return to the sanctuary with our main focus being on the worship of our Lord and Savior.
            I do want to encourage each member to continue to worship in the capacity that each of you feel comfortable and safe in doing.  When the church doors open and we are able to come back in the sanctuary there is no pressure to go against what you feel is best for you and your own health and safety. 
            As your pastor I have been praying and preparing for this opportunity from the start.  I look forward to seeing each of you and having the privilege to gather in the meeting house to worship our Lord together.

God bless each of you and I love you all,

Rev Nate